This auto wah pedal offers wah effects for all styles and sounds all on a budget. Control the wah effect with your string-picking strength and add an awesome funky touch with this quality modulation wah pedal.

  1. Rate control determines the speed of the wah effect modulation.
  2. Depth control adjusts the sweep range of the effect. Turn it to the right to increase the range. At minimum position no modulation effect is produced and the wah effect is controlled by your playing intensity only. 
  3. Manual control adjusts the basic frequency where the effect starts working. (High settings will decrease the sweep range, because the low end of the frequency sweep is moved upwards.)
  4. The Sens control adjusts the sensitivity of the effect. Nearer maximum position you achieve wah effect even with soft playing, nearer minimum position the wah effect will not be dependent on your playing dynamics.
  5. The ON/BATT LED illuminates when the effect is activated. It also serves as a battery level indicator.

This pedal is no longer manufactured by Behringer. This is the last and only one we will have! Behringer pedals are becoming harder to find because of the rarity and quality of the effects pedals.

AW-2 Auto Wah clone

Used used - no box - pedal is in good condition - fully functioning - slight scuffs on knobs - no warranty / as is
Line In 1/4" TS 500KΩ
Line Out 1/4" TS 1KΩ
Filter Effects
Wah Wah AW-2 Auto Wah clone
Battery Yes - Internal - 9V - Type 6LR61 (not included)
Connector Type 2 mm DC jack - negative center
Power Consumption 9V 30mA (power supply not included)

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Behringer Ultra Wah UW300 Effect Pedal

  • Brand: Behringer
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