About Us

I have always loved cheap guitar pedals that perform their job! My personal collection is huge and covers a wide range of effects. I know cheap pedals. But I have been aggravated by the service I was receiving as a customer so I set out to change the possibilities for guitar pedal collectors like me. Three things have always griped me in the process of purchasing pedals.

  1.  Ordering - getting affordable from overseas has become a nightmare during the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Wait times for Aliexpress to USA orders can be in excess of 3 months with no end in sight. Things could actually get worse. Even many sellers in the United States act like they could care less how quick they ship. Even when they do ship, many use the slow boat methods like "surepost". So how are we different? Always hated orders unnecessarily delayed.  We make sure you get your pedals as fast as possible by the cheapest way possible. Your order will be shipped with 24 hours if we have it in stock. We ship from Mississippi by the USPS which tends to be the quickest and most reliable form of shipping. 

  2. Testing - If you buy pedals frequently, every once in a while you get a pedal that is malfunctioning. The thought occurred to me, why not check the pedal before it goes to the customer. We are different that we check every single pedal before it leaves. We may charge a few bucks more but you can expect to have a 100% functioning pedal delivered quickly as possible. Whether it is used , new or open box , it will be working when you get it .

  3. Price - I was always received sticker shock when ordering pedals that I could get in a decent time frame. Even companies from Japan are tripling pedal prices. How are we different? First - Not one pedal on our site is over $75. Second - we are a small family operation with no brick and mortar store. Third - We do not take returns unless it was damaged in shipment. We can do that because of our quality control before shipping and it gives us a way of keeping costs down. Every pedal will also receive a certificate of inspection. Because of those reasons, we can have a simple, straight forward markup to take some profit and get you the pedal you want. 

    Waiting for your order,
    The PrEaChEr